08 October 2021

Crypto-Fintech Laboratory and enter strategic partnership to jointly explore and develop cutting-edge financial technologies

The Crypto-Fintech Laboratory of HKUST Big Data Institute (BDI) and announced a strategic collaboration to leverage the complementary advantages of its research and academic strengths as well as solid industry experience to work together to explore cutting-edge financial technologies.

This collaboration covers multiple areas including provision of industry data, research, academic exchange, and internship opportunities for nurturing technology talent. Being a leader in the field of blockchain and digital currency, will provide development support and data interfaces for scientific research and entrepreneurial projects of the laboratory, based on its accumulated years of experience. Both parties will use their respective strengths and combine its scientific research capabilities and industry experience, striving to solve some key challenges in blockchain. In addition, both parties will have regular exchange to share experiences and research achievements to solve the difficult problems in the industry. Academic papers will also be published to share the research findings and outcomes.

About HKUST BDI Crypto-Fintech Laboratory

The Crypto-Fintech Laboratory was founded by Prof. Yang Wang, Vice-President for Institutional Advancement of HKUST, Prof. Kani Chen, Director of Crypto-Fintech Laboratory and Professor of Department of Mathematics of HKUST, Prof. Jiheng Zhang, Professor of Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics and Department of Mathematics of HKUST, Prof. Lei Chen, Director of BDI and Chair Professor of Department of Computer Science and Engineering of HKUST, etc., aiming to explore cutting-edge financial technologies. Since its establishment in 2019, various types of courses have been organized, covering blockchain, smart contracts, NFT, and metaverse. In 2021, the laboratory starts developing decentralized financial projects and incubating projects such as the insurance platform Degis, ORG Robo-advisor, and liquidity management. The laboratory has also established extensive network and collaboration with pioneers in various fields in the industry. More details can be found at

About is the world's leading blockchain and digital currency service provider and a provider of technical solutions like mining pools and wallets. Since its establishment in 2015, has started with industry infrastructure such as blockchain browsers and is committed to establishing new standards in various subdivisions including wallets, mining pools, market conditions, and information. In 2015, they create the world's top blockchain browser to facilitate users to view information on the chain in real-time. In 2016, the mining pool was created, which is also the world's top comprehensive large mining pool, providing BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC multi-currency mining services. Up to now, has served users in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. The team members are from first-line Internet companies and senior blockchain industry personnel. They have served the Bitcoin mining machine and mining industry for many years and have experience in system design, development, maintenance, and operation management. For more details, please visit