08 June, 2018

Joint Workshop on “A Glimpse into Artificial Intelligence”

Over 180 students and researchers from HKUST attended a workshop on artificial intelligence (AI) jointly organized by HKUST Big Data Institute (BDI) and Microsoft Hong Kong on 8 June 2018 at HKUST Campus. Mr Delon Yau, Software Engineer, Microsoft Great China Region introduced to the audience how AI platforms can improve human life with a number of interesting stories and lively examples.

The world has entered into the digital era. AI, big data, data sciences, and other related technologies are growing exponentially and transforming various industries. Through the collection and analysis of big data, with AI and machine learning technologies, many enterprises and organizations are applying AI technologies to improve their business efficiency and effectiveness, and further developing it into innovative services and applications.

In the workshop, Mr Delon Yau shared how smart computers, algorithms, big data and dedicated AI systems are revolutionizing the future of Financial Technology (FinTech). He explained the banking industry was transforming from tradition bank which provides multiple channels for trusted interactions with clients to intelligent bank. The emerging AI technologies can help the banks to predict the needs of the customers seamlessly by predictive decisions, robo-advisory, etc. Furthermore, he quoted a number of interesting and innovative examples, explaining how AI platforms were applied in different industries to improve their operation. For instance, AI platforms can be used to predict lung-disease with chest x-ray images in the healthcare industry; interactive AI enquiry chat bot is adopted to assist the operation staff of the Mass Transit Railway Corporation in Hong Kong. The audience was captivated with Delon’s presentation, drawing lots of curious questions from the floor.

Delon is currently a Software Engineer from the Commercial Software Engineering Division at Microsoft Greater China. He works with a range of customers to envision and build next generation cloud solutions on artificial intelligence, big data analytics, Blockchain and lot, on both the Microsoft and OSS stacks. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from UCL.