24 November, 2017

University Fintech Education Forum

“Exploring your future@HKUST” University Fintech Education Forum organized jointly by Financial Data Technology Ltd. (FDT), HKUST-BDI, and Microsoft Research Asia was held on November 24th, 2017.

Financial technology has grown explosively as the internet revolution and the mobile internet revolution, and has been applied to the back office of banks or trading firms. Utilizing new technologies, like machine learning and predictive behavioral analytics, Fintech will help institutional clients further refine their investment decisions and open new opportunities for financial innovation.

The forum started at 9:30 a.m. in HKUST. The open speeches were presented by four important persons, they were Prof. Tony Chan, President of HKUST, Prof. Tim Cheng, Dean of Engineering, HKUST, Dr. Weihua Ma, Chairman & Chief Mentor of FDT, and Ms Cally Chan, General Manager, MSRA.

There were some excellent keynote speeches in the event, including "AI and Big Data in Fintech" by Dr. Qifeng Liu, FDT-AI, Co-Founder & CEO & Chief Data Scientist,

"FinTech: Enabler of Inclusive Finance" by Mr. Henry Ma, VP and CIO of Webank,

"Building Enterprise Blockchain Ecosystem" by Dr. Ying Yan,

Principle Research Scientist of Microsoft Research Asia, "FinTech - The Challenges and Opportunities" by Dr. James Lei,

Acting Director of ASTRI, "Building Scalable Machine Learning Solutions for Data Curation" by Prof. Ihab Ilyas, University of Waterloo,

as well as "AI Powered Fintech" by Prof. Qiang Yang, Director of BDI, HKUST.

Dr. Ying Yan said that FinTech as an emerging industry has already started to make its impact on our society. University Fintech Education Forum is a timely event. We believe in the value of sharing the groundbreaking research with world. We also hope to work together with the professors and students here to bring the technology (e.g. AI and Blockchain) to enterprise.

In that day, Mr. Thor Chan, deputy COO of FDT, introduced the BeeVest Plan after keynote speeches. BeeVest Plan is being launched. Students can learn from the professionals through training, interactions, and trading.

During the event, there was also a research demonstration for poster / demo.

In the part of panel discussion in the afternoon, the topic was "AI in FinTech". The moderator was Prof. Tim Cheng, and Dr. Qifeng Liu, Dr. James Lei, Prof. Ihab Ilyas, Prof. Qiang Yang, as well as Dr. Ying Yan were invited to take part in.

The last content in the agenda was award ceremony for demo / poster students, total including 1 gold (AI-Based Stock Trading), 2 silver (Snowball Project with Reinforcement Learning; Creating a Recommendation System to Suggest Trade Profiles and Related Stock Using Financial News) and 4 bronze awards ( Ridesourcing Cars Classification Using Unlabeled Data: Evindence from Shanghai; Job Matching; Job Matching; Hi stranger! I know your taste before your tell!). Prof. Tim Cheng,Dr. Ying Yan and Dr. Qifeng Liu presented the awards to the winners.