18 September, 2017

Didi Chuxing visits BDI

Four guests from Didi Chuxing, leading national mobile transportation platform that acquired Uber China back in August 2016, visited the HKUST Big Data Institute (BDI) laboratory during its day long visit to the university, including joining a workshop with academics and hosting a talk for all apart from the lab visits, looking to enhance its collaboration in many aspects.

The delegation included Mr. Bob Zhang, Co-Founder and CTO of Didi Chuxing; Dr. Jieping Ye, Vice President of Didi Chuxing and Didi Research, Dr. Guobin Wu, Outreach Director, and Ms Lulu Zhang, Outreach Manager of Didi Research.

During the short visit to BDI, its Associate Director Prof Lei Chen introduced the Institute in general; and RA Jiahang Chen showed two demos of the Smart City project, namely Traffic Prediction and Company Assessment; while PM Yutao Deng introduced three core areas of the WeChat Lab (Machine Reading System, Visualization System and AR) with some simple demo videos.

Didi Chuxing is the world’s leading mobile transportation platform that offers a full range of mobile tech-based mobility options for nearly 400 million users across more than 400 Chinese cities. Every day, Didi's platform generates over 70TB worth of data, processes more than 9 billion routing requests, and produces over 13 billion location points.