11 September, 2017

Recruitment Talk by Meituan

Meituan-Dianping, China’s largest group deal web portal, sent their recruitment team heads to give a short talk to the MSc Big Data Technology students right before their class on 11 September, which was very well received with close to 80% attendance.

“Although it is just the beginning of the semester, and you may think it is too early to talk about future career choosing at this stage, we would, however, like to give you a first glimpse of how the market is going, so you can better prepare along the way on the one hand, and increase our chance of hiring you at the end of your studies on the other,” said Meituan’s representative when he kicked off the short talk.

In fact, the three representatives from Meituan not just introduced the company background, its services and some quality vacancies and internship opportunities, they also shared with the students with the firm’s few unresolved issues, and invited them to take the challenge and tackle these real life business problems with real data from the company.

Meituan, among many other internet companies, is facing vast growing business in terms of both volumes and complexity in the internet trend. The sophisticated system mingles web portal, search engine, social network, e-commerce, O2O, and any future evolution that links the digital world to the physical world, which are all keys to meet people’s growing and changing needs Hence the company is in urgent need, at a pace that is unprecedented in the past decade, of more tech talents who are willing to learn and adapt, constantly applying internet technology to physical world to improve the companies’ efficiency, and prepared to take on more challenges that grows with the business as well.