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What We Do

We provide efficient annotation tools and data-centric solutions

Our medical data annotation platform is designed to address the crucial need for labeled medical image datasets by providing efficient annotation tools and advanced pre-labelling capabilities. By leveraging our platform, the time required for manual annotation by doctors is significantly reduced. By reducing the reliance on manual annotation, our platform optimizes the workflow for medical image analysis, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

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Medical Data


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Lab Head


Prof. Lei Chen

Chair Professor, Dean of Information Hub

  • Chair Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Director of HKUST Big Data Institute
  • Director of MOE/MSRA Information Technology Key Laboratory
  • IEEE Fellow
  • ACM Distinguished Scientist
  • ICDE Chair 2023 - Date
  • TKDE Editor-in-Chief 2022 - Date
  • VLDBJ Editor-in-Chief 2015 - 2022


Lab Members

Chen Cao     Senior Manager

Zhao Chen     Postdoc

Pengyu Guo     Ph.D student

Shulan Ruan     Ph.D student

Jiale Gu     R.A.

Dennis Tang     R.A.

Xiaoyu Wang     R.A.